Andy Griggs is already giving his fans more music. The singer, who released his album, ‘Naked,’ in February, has just released ‘Triple Play Plus,’ a compilation of four new songs, on iTunes.

“It’s a really, really exciting time for me right now, musically and in all areas,” Griggs tells Country Weekly. “I’m able to be me. With these four songs, we sat down in the studio, and I used my band and produced it myself.”

The songs, ‘I Don’t Let Go,’ ‘Lead You Back to Me,’ ‘I Love My Dog, My Dog Loves Me’ and a cover of Cinderella’s hit ‘Gypsy Road,’ all mean something to the 40-year-old.

“‘I Don’t Let Go’ is a song that’s been holding on to me for a long time,” he explains. “I haven’t let go of ‘I Don’t Let Go’ in years. I was going to record it back when I was signed with RCA Records, and it fell through the cracks, but I’ve always loved that song.”

He adds, “‘Lead You Back to Me’ is a song I wrote with Ricky Nelson’s sons, Matt and Gunnar Nelson. That was a total different beast, and right now it’s the most proud thing that I’ve done on this project.”

Griggs, who is close friends with Cinderella‘s lead singer Tom Keifer, says adding the band’s tune to the new collection made perfect sense for the country star. “I’ve done ‘Gypsy Road’ live here and there since I’ve known Tom,”he explains, adding that the two co-wrote and sang on ‘A Hundred Miles of Road’ for Griggs’ 2002 album, ‘Freedom.’

While the Louisiana native hasn’t picked a single yet, he says the decision is ultimately up to his fans. “I’m kind of letting the people decide right now,” he explains. “It will probably be ‘Lead You Back to Me’ right now. That one is leading the race, so we’re probably going to go that direction if I had to guess. But it’s hard to beat ‘Gypsy Road.’ I mean . . . you’re going to smile when you hear it!”

The songs are a preview of his next full-length album, which he will release independently next year. Download ‘Triple Play Plus’ here.

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